Apple is hosting a new keynote on June 6: what to expect?

Apple announces in a press release the dates of the next Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) – the event dedicated to developers and software and services of the firm. The WWDC is both a keynote on the sidelines of which all future software innovations are unveiled before the beta versions are put online.
But also specific workshops and conferences on features that can facilitate the development of applications for different Apple devices. In the past, those who wanted to participate in the event had to buy a ticket at a full price ($1,599), and go to Cupertino to attend the various activities face-to-face.

June 6 keynote kicks off WWDC 2022

But since the COVID-19 pandemic, Apple has transformed WWDC into a largely online, 100% free event that all developers can attend with no budget. Apple reveals that WWDC 2022 will be held from Monday June 6 to Friday June 10.
As tradition dictates, the conference will open with a keynote on June 6, 2022 which should reveal all the major software innovations that the firm is preparing. Apple specifies that, among other things, “the latest innovations for iOS, iPadOS, macOS, watchOS and tvOS” will be unveiled.
Participants will be able to “discover Apple technologies to learn how to create revolutionary apps and interactive experiences”. "This year's schedule will also include more information sessions, cutting-edge learning labs, digital lounges to engage with attendees, and localized content to make WWDC22 a truly global event," the firm said. .
The “developers and students” who can make the trip to Cupertino will be entitled in addition to the online conferences to a special day at Apple Park on June 6 – they will be able, for the first time in a long time, to attend the keynote face-to-face. Even if, specifies Apple, “the number of places will be limited” and that those who wish to attend will have to register as soon as possible on a dedicated page.
Apple also plans to organize the "Swift Student Challenge", a competition that aims to stimulate the taste for programming. As part of this competition, participants will have to create a Swift Playgrounds application on “a subject of their choice and submit their project before April 25, 2022”. But apart from these activities reserved for students and developers, what are, concretely, the novelties to expect from the keynote?

IOS 16 / iPadOS 16

Apple releases a new major version of its iOS and iPadOS mobile operating systems every year. After a detailed presentation of the new features coming with this new iteration, beta versions will be immediately made available to Apple developers so that they can begin an "owner's tour" of the latest features and adapt them in their current and future projects.
The next major version of mobile OS should undergo a small graphical refresh with new modernized icons for native applications. The visual language of these new graphics would bring the user experience closer to macOS Monterrey. There would also be talk of new, larger, sophisticated and interactive widgets. Apple should also take a new step in virtual and augmented reality.
Also, iOS 16 should be compatible with all iPhones up to iPhone 6s and iPhone SE from 2016.

MacOS 13

If we have no idea at this stage of the final name of the new version of macOS we know that it will probably still be the name of a Californian tourist place. As on iOS, Apple should improve the Widgets experience on this new version of macOS. In particular, it should be possible to move them anywhere on the screen, whereas for the moment they are prisoners of a sidebar. The Dashboard could thus return.
The native weather application should undergo a major redesign like what the firm had launched under iOS 15. This new application would be accompanied by improved widgets. The application library would be improved with the automatic sorting of applications by categories as allowed by iOS 15. Apple would also have planned to unveil new features around the Time Machine backup system which could benefit from the power of iCloud.
New screensavers taken from tvOS would also appear.

TvOS, watchOS

There are few rumors at this point about what Apple is planning for tvOS. But we expect the firm to come up with major interface changes, including improving the home screen, which hasn't changed much since 2015.
Little info has also leaked on the next version of watchOS – we expect small improvements, maybe new watch faces and that's about it. It will probably be necessary to wait for the presentation of a new watch to be entitled to further novelties.

…and the HomePods?

Apple might not mention its connected speaker ecosystem at all, reserving announcements for a future event that could tease the arrival or launch a hypothetical HomePod 2 (which we hope will drop in price to match the competition …).

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Of course, like every year, it is possible that Apple will make a surprise announcement that we did not anticipate in this file. What do you think: will Apple take advantage of its keynote to surprise the audience with a major novelty (we think for example of something around the foldable iPhone or payments…)? And if so, what type do you think? We invite you to discuss it in the comments!

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