Best Highest Cost Of Living Cities API In Goland

The monthly rate of living may vary, not only depending on the country but also on the city you choose to spend your time in. In some places, the rent for a small apartment can be high, and in others it can be low. The same goes for the price of other things such as food or transport.
As we have mentioned, it all depends on the city you choose to live in. So if you’re planning to move there and you want to know how much money will cost you, here’s an API that will provide all the information you need.

What Is The Cost Of Living API?

The Cost of Living API is a tool that will give you accurate information about the cost of living in any city worldwide. This way you will know how much you will spend on things like rent or food. This is a great new way to get information about the cost of living in any city and also which cities have lower prices than others. In addition, you can use this API to calculate how much money you need to save every month to live a certain number of years in another city. All that information is really valuable when you’re planning something that involves moving or travelling to another place. 
This API will also provide three useful features: price trends and projections on different products, cost of living calculators, and rent price estimations. 

How To Use It?

To use it is extremely easy and simple. The best part is that with just one click, you can get all the information you need in just a short time. Here are the steps:
After signing up, each user receives a personal API access key that is used to access our API endpoint.You must authenticate your bearer token by including it in the Authorization header.To use the Cost of Living API REST API endpoint for price data by country, simply enter “costliving” as your query parameter and choose United States as your target country.All the available products for this endpoint are listed. By entering your location’s average monthly spend, it will provide a list of products and their cost in USD ($) with a percent variance from their average monthly spend.You will receive an answer with the exchange rates calculated daily by using a combination of leading exchanges and financial institutions in Europe, Asia, and North America.Following these steps will help you save time and money when looking for information about cities and their cost of living. So don’
Supporting more than 8000 cities, this API will provide accurate information about the cost of living and prices in those cities.

You can check Cities Cost of Living and Average Prices API for free here.

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