Best How Do I Check If A Certificate Is Available API In JSON

The SSL Checker API allows you to check if an SSL certificate is valid and obtain information about the host. With this information, you can ensure that your system is not exposed to frauds and that your users’ confidential information is not stolen. 
You can check the status of an SSL certificate by entering its domain name or checking the SSL certificate file. Furthermore, you may get information about the firm that issued your SSL certificate, such as its name, geographic location, and email address. 
What are the most common uses cases of this API? TThere are many reasons why this API is used. The first and most prominent use case is to check the validity of SSL certificates. You can check if a site’s SSL certificate is still valid or not using this API. Another popular use case is to get information about the SSL certificate such as the company that issued it, its expiration date, etc. 
This API is useful for developers who want to check whether an SSL certificate is still in use by its issuer. It is also useful for obtaining information about the issuer and the subject of the certificate. This is important for debugging reasons, as well as for security, as it allows you to see whether or not a site’s SSL certificate has been issued by a trusted authority. 
How do I check my domain’s SSL certificates? Your domain’s SSL certificates can be checked using a JSON response, which gives you detailed information about your certificates. You can get details on your certificate issuer, expiration date, and more. Just add your domain name and you will receive a detailed report of your SSL certificates! 
What are the most common errors when using this API? The most common error when using this API is getting an invalid API key token! Make sure that you are providing the correct token when authenticating requests to this API. Also make sure that you are entering the token correctly! 
Can I quickly validate two domain’s certificates at once? Yes, you can quickly validate two domain’s certificates at once with just one API call! Simply provide the domain names you wish to check, and you will receive details on both certificates in just one second! 
Can I instantly test my own SSL/TLS connections? Yes, you can instantly test your own SSL/TLS connections with this API! With a few clicks, you can determine if your SSL/TLS connections are secure and functioning properly
Be able to verify and validate any SSL certificate present on a website. Receive extensive information about the host

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