Best What Is A JSON Resume? API In Javascript

We will use the same programming language, Javascript, that the biggest websites and apps use. Its syntax is very simple and easy to learn, it is one of the most popular and used languages in the world so you can be sure that finding a developer will be easy. 
This is a basic resume parsing API that allows you to parse any resume in just seconds. It will extract all the necessary data from your resume and return it to you in JSON format. It also has a limit of 25 requests per month, so it can be used for both personal and professional use.  
In addition, you can use this tool to extract important information from your products, such as the information from your resumes or parse the information from your resumes and convert it into a JSON object for you to use for any purpose.  
What are these APIs used for? There are many uses for this type of applications. For example, if you have a job board or a job search engine and need to parse CVs in order to show them in your platform, you can do this with a resume parser API. Also, if you have a startup that is developing a product that will help people analyze their resumes and get ahead in their job searches, you can use this type of APIs to collect the data to build your product.  
How do I use these APIs? The process is very simple! You only need to provide the URL of the resume that you want to parse, and then you will receive a JSON object containing all of the information that you want to extract. It’s as simple as that!  
You can also choose what type of information you want to get from the resume, such as names, emails, phone numbers, addresses, titles, industries, experience and education. Also, you can limit your search by city, state or zip code if necessary. 
These APIs are extremely useful for developers who want to create applications that can help people easily manage their resumes. They are also very useful for those who want to archive all the data from other people’s resumes for future use. 
What are they used for? Although some business owners may not immediately see how they might benefit from a JSON resume parser API, they can actually be used in many different ways. One of the most popular uses for these types of APIs is to automatically extract data from large volumes of human-readable documents like resumes or CVs so that businesses can make
Parse any resume/CV to JSON format with this API. Pass a PDF or MS Word and receive a JSON object with all the parsed data.

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