Cameroon: JFN Center relies on Feicom to win over communities

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09.16.2022 at 4:20 p.m.


Esther Fossi

A signing of an agreement took place on September 16, 2022 in Yaoundé between the Special Fund for Intermunicipal Equipment and Intervention and JFN group.
JFN Group and Feicom are in business. The two entities reached an agreement on September 16 in Yaoundé. “The partnership agreement that we are signing today is the culmination of a collaboration between our two structures which has come a long way and which has produced eloquent results. Also, apart from the Learning Expedition that I have already mentioned, we can mention the Inform'All City project financed by Pricnac and which we won after a difficult call for tenders", indicated Alphonse Nafack President of the group.

The points of interest of this convention

The two parties aim to carry out structuring projects together. Among these projects, there is the creation of a regional incubator in each regional capital of Cameroon. "In partnership with the E4Impact Foundation, we are able to transpose the Kenyan model of local development to Cameroon, based on a national network of high-performance incubators capable of supporting the creation of high-impact local businesses," said Alphonse Nafack.
Also, the training of staff from town halls and municipalities in Cameroon in Cloud technologies and the professions of the future: our partnership with Google Cloud is a great opportunity for the successful implementation of such a project.
In addition, the digital transformation of Feicom with a view to improving staff productivity and the overall performance of the company. Capacity building for Feicom staff in the field of applied innovation and transformational leadership as well as in agile management: in partnership with BEM, CentraleSupélec, ENA Paris, ESSEC Paris, we give Opportunity for Feicom executives to boost their creativity and intelligence through training courses based on international mobility.
Not to mention, the implementation by FEICOM of a CSR dynamic for the benefit of personnel eligible to claim their pension rights: in partnership with E4Impact, we are giving this population the opportunity to convert into entrepreneurs, to create high-impact companies and therefore to continue to contribute to the construction of the building site of the emergence of Cameroon
This agreement was signed only 2 days after certain members of the government (Minister of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises, Social Economy and Handicrafts and the Minister of Employment and Vocational Training) presided over the inauguration of the building headquarters of the regional representation for the Center, the South, the East, the North, the Far North and the Adamaoua of JFN CENTER installed in Yaoundé.
On the same occasion, the authorities launched the Afawa project, an initiative of the African Development Bank and the African Guarantee and Economic Cooperation Fund to promote women's access to financing in Africa.

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