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16 apps for more productivity in everyday (professional) life

In the “Homescreen!” series, we regularly present you with the homescreens of people from the social media, marketing, media and tech world – including exciting app recommendations and tips for everything from to-do lists to small games for in-between. Today: Claus Weibrecht, founder and CMO of Ironshark.

No distractions from Messenger & Social Media

I’m one of those people who needs to click the app immediately when a red dot signals a new notification. Distractions keep tearing me out of my flow every day. That’s why years ago I got used to banning all messengers and social media apps to their own page and moving them to the back.
There are now twelve of them: iMessage, Whatsapp (for Android), Threema (for Android), Telegram (for Android), Signal (for Android), Xing (for Android), LinkedIn (for Android), Facebook (for Android) , Skype (for Android), Microsoft Teams (for Android), Zoom (for Android) and Twitter (for Android). But I only check them a few times a day.

Everything in view with Klipfolio

I love metrics and in more complex subject areas within the company they help me get an overview and focus on areas we want to improve. Klipfolio (for Android) as a visualization tool for all key figures of our agency is one of the most important apps on my start screen.
One tap and I can see exactly how liquidity, incoming orders, costs and projects are developing. We also use Klipfolio internally so that all other team members always have an overview.

Key was yesterday

After switching to my Tesla Model 3, I no longer needed a car key. The idea of making all keys obsolete was quickly born.
A few days later, automatic Nuki locks were on all doors and since then I have been enjoying the comfort of a keyless life – all you need is a smartphone and the Nuki app (for Android) near the lock.
When you enter the office, the office doors open quietly and give you a warm welcome. When leaving the home, all doors close automatically. It all sounds like a gimmick, but I really enjoy it.

Sea Shepherd – sustainably effective

As the founder of Ironshark, I care deeply about the seas. Unfortunately, a great deal is being depleted of this important ecosystem through illegal fishing and other frightening activities. We have been involved in various projects for years, this year including Sea Shepherd Germany (for Android).
My wallpaper reminds me of my dream of one day seeing a ship called “Ironshark” sailing the seas under the Sea Shepherd flag.

Slack for the inside, Hubspot for the outside

Effective, documented communication has become extremely important today, especially due to mobile work or the home office. Slack (for Android) is 100x faster communication than email, in my experience.
Also across teams with customers. And Hubspot (for Android) allows us to stay in touch with our prospects, leads and customers and always know the status of the communication. Of course, both of these belong on side one of the smartphone.
The home screen of Claus Weibrecht, founder CMO of Ironshark

Farewell to retro cameras

I just checked: I bought a Nikon 15 years ago. A great camera – but the last one I bought to take photos with.
Then came the iPhone and today there are so many memories of great vacations in Peru, New Zealand, Croatia or Thailand in one place in Apple’s own Photos app, which I find super handy.
And I’m a huge fan of the automatic flashbacks. Even if you haven’t found a place on the start screen – the camera and the gallery are always at hand.

Never again flood of e-mails

Thanks to Bastian, my managing director at Ironshark: He gave me the tip to use separate e-mail programs for different areas on the smartphone.
This way I can separate my e-mails between private, IronShark and other commitments via the apps and don’t have to keep clicking on the small red flag (with the big number) just because a private e-mail has arrived. That’s really helpful.

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