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05.16.2022 at 9:18 p.m.



This new edition of Smart City Casablanca Symposium proposes to reflect on the relationship between the citizen and low-tech technology in order to solve the major challenges of urbanization and metropolisation.
Five thematic axes will be addressed during this event which will take place over two days in a hybrid format via a virtual broadcasting platform. These are Bottom-up governance, community innovation, social entrepreneurship and socio-economic development, low-tech technology at the service of citizens and finally, the ecological transition of cities and territories.
To meet current and future challenges, cities must therefore rely more on community intelligence, including cooperation between public and private actors. The problem is none other than to identify the support of the city for a low-tech approach leading to a successful transition towards more sustainability and resilience and in which the citizen is an actor, designer and catalyst of these integrated territorial synergies.
The plenary session will discuss three topics relating to community and low-tech innovation in the making of the city, new business models of the low-tech city and low-tech for sustainable and resilient cities.
On the program, the organization of four workshops. One on community innovation for bottom-up governance with a focus on new approaches to community innovation to catalyze citizen participation through design-thinking and other innovative approaches enabling the co-construction of inclusive cities.
As for the third workshop, it will deal with low-tech startups and social enterprises. This workshop is intended as a platform for sharing and exchange to present concrete projects carried out by young startupers or innovative entrepreneurs in low tech.
The fourth workshop will focus on Smart technologies and digital sobriety. It aims to explore smart technologies that prioritize digital sobriety for community well-being and respect for the environment.
Smart City Casablanca Symposium will also be open to the general public through “Smart City Connect Casablanca”. The objective being to popularize the concept of the Smart City, by putting the people of Casablanca in the spotlight and by weaving social and cultural ties, a rich program centered on the debate of ideas and new generation entertainment is offered.

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