ElectrifAi presents pre-structured machine learning models with SquareOne at Smart Data Summit

JERSEY CITY, NJ, May 2 /PRNewswire/ — Delivering fast and reliable machine learning solutions.
ElectrifAi, one of the world's leading hands-on artificial intelligence (AI) and pre-engineered machine learning (ML) models companies, together with SquareOne, are presenting pre-structured ML models at the Smart Data Summit in Dubai today.
ElectrifAi has one of the largest libraries of pre-structured ML models developed and tested since 2004. We have also developed advanced computer vision models that increase workplace safety and reduce costs. Combined with our MLaaS (Machine Learning as a Service) offering, we help companies quickly realize the benefits of AI and ML.
Most companies know that their data is a powerful untapped asset. However, companies are struggling to easily access and clean their data. Many of these companies are coming to the conclusion that machine learning is a distant possibility only for the largest and most sophisticated first-tier companies. Not any longer longer. With ElectrifAi's MLaaS, businesses large and small can unlock the value of their data and turn it into a strategic weapon to increase revenue, reduce costs and/or mitigate risk. MLaaS makes it easy for companies that are struggling with their data or that lack robust data science and data engineering teams.
MLaaS increases the efficiency and convenience of ML. It is developed, maintained and operated by ElectrifAi. Delivered as a full business capability powered by AI and ML, it seamlessly connects to our customers' cloud or on-premises workloads with no ML experience required. We ensure that the MLaaS offering offers our customers a faster, better, cheaper and significantly lower risk path to ML. With ElectrifAi's MLaaS, customers can quickly get ML solutions without the time-consuming hassle and expense of developing ML from scratch.
Part of our MLaaS offering are the following pre-structured ML models: Computer Vision, Demand Forecasting, Inventory Optimization, Dynamic Pricing, Scheduling Optimization, Predictive Maintenance, Customer Retention, Collections & Invoicing, and SpendAi and ContractAi. The Computer Vision models include solutions for upstream, midstream, and downstream oil and gas companies.
ElectrifAi's pre-structured ML models are business-ready and field-proven. With a short lead time and a lower project risk, we relieve our customers of all the heavy lifting. Customers describe their business use case and we tell them what data is needed to deploy the best ML solution to solve their business problems. We train, operate and implement the models and deliver results quickly.
"We're excited to showcase our pre-structured machine learning models and MLaaS at Smart Data Summit. It's about time to value and turning data into a strategic weapon with high ROI. With our pre-structured models, companies can People struggling with data or lacking in-depth expertise in data engineering and data science can quickly reap the benefits and power of machine learning and computer vision, as can larger companies that have invested in platforms or over have capable in-house technical teams, further accelerate with ElectrifAi's MLaaS and pre-structured models.Why wait for machine learning?With our MLaaS offering, you can achieve machine learning in 8-12 weeks instead of 8-12 months to build new models to create." – Edward Scott, Managing Director, ElectrifAi

About ElectrifAi

ElectrifAi is a global leader in enterprise-grade machine learning models. ElectrifAi is dedicated to helping companies transform the way they work through machine learning: increase sales, reduce costs, and increase profits and performance. Founded in 2004, ElectrifAi has experienced industry leadership, a global team of domain experts and a proven track record of transforming structured and unstructured data at scale. A large library of AI-powered products spans enterprise functions, data systems, and teams to deliver outstanding results in record time. ElectrifAi has approximately 200 data scientists, software engineers and staff with a proven track record of over 2,000 customer implementations, primarily for Fortune 500 companies. At the heart of ElectrifAi's mission is a commitment to making AI and machine learning more understandable, practical and profitable for businesses and industries around the world. ElectrifAi is a global company with offices in Miami, Jersey City, Shanghai and New Delhi.

About Square One

SquareOne helps businesses increase their potential by partnering with industry-leading solution providers, offering our clients a comprehensive digital vision, backed by the latest technologies and full implementation by our team of experts. Square One supports companies on their digital transformation journey with visionary, best-in-class software applications run by an experienced and dedicated professional team with vast experience and a focus on customer satisfaction. Square One anticipates global technology trends in digital initiatives, partners with the best, learns hard, and brings those platforms and solutions to the region. SquareOne is the region's leading business transformation technology provider, backed by best-in-class software solutions and in-depth knowledge of local business needs stemming from more than a decade of experience and supported by a dedicated team of professionals whose expertise spans multiple branches.
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