Friday: Apple with important updates, tank apps with fuel prices in comparison

Although the naming for iOS 15.4.1 and macOS 12.3.1 suggests only minor changes, Apple fixes important bugs with these updates, including shorter battery life. A security gap that has already been actively exploited for attacks is also closed. Tank apps can save money by comparing gas prices and gas stations. heise online compares four apps with each other and shows what these fuel-saving helpers can do – the most important reports in a brief overview.
Big round of bug fixes for Apple systems: The manufacturer has released iOS as well as iPadOS 15.4.1 and macOS 12.3.1 for download. On iPhones, the update aims to address potential battery life issues that have been seen with iOS 15.4. In addition, the interaction with Braille and hearing aids has been improved and a serious security gap has been closed. With iOS 15.4.1 and macOS 12.3.1, Apple is tackling battery and display issues.
Gasoline and diesel prices exploded in March 2022. The fuel now costs more than 2 euros per liter, which affects commuters in particular. The good news: With the right tank app, you can quickly find the cheapest prices and gas stations. heise online presents four apps for iOS and Android and shows what these fuel-saving helpers can do: compare fuel prices with tank apps.
This year's German Computer Game Award for the best German game goes to a space adventure. The action game Chorus by Deep Silver Fishlabs from Hamburg received the highly endowed main prize at the award ceremony on Thursday evening. The jury apparently came to the same conclusion as the test players heise onlines. They described it as the most spectacular space battle that has flickered across the monitors in recent years. Now the space adventure "Chorus" has been chosen as the best game at the German Computer Game Awards.
Moore Threads introduces the first all-Chinese graphics cards – from the logic blocks inside the GPUs to the manufacturing technology, these models do without any foreign suppliers. The MTT S60 is a gaming graphics card for desktop PCs, the MTT S2000 is a GPU computing accelerator for servers. The Chinese start-up only needed 1.5 years for the development. The backers include Chinese tech giants. Now the first all-Chinese graphics cards from Moore Threads are here.
A copyright plaintiff and his attorney must indemnify defendant entertainer Jerry Seinfeld. After the lawsuit was dismissed, Seinfeld sought reimbursement of his legal fees. The responsible court actually got closer, but only partially: Instead of almost one million US dollars, Seinfeld gets 28,842 dollars. The verdict opens a glimpse into the absurd world of high-paying US law firms after a lawyer is forced to compensate Jerry Seinfeld for copyright harassment.
When an editorial office suddenly resembles a place of pilgrimage, a special test device has arrived. "TheA500mini" is the mini version of the 16-bit Amiga home computer, long awaited by retro nerds, and has 25 games from yesteryear on board, packed in a miniaturized Amiga 500 case. We will test whether the Amiga remake, which will soon be available for 129 euros, keeps what it promises in a first "heise plays Amiga 500" live from 12 noon: New, old retro girlfriend.

Also important:

The Auto Club Europa (ACE) says that "every liter of fuel that is not consumed makes its contribution to reducing the flow of foreign exchange into Russia's war chest" and urges moderation. That's why the ACE proposes a temporary speed limit of 100 km/h as a signal to save energy. Clear case of euphemism: Tier wants to monitor e-scooter bullies. "Change the code, not the climate" is what Greenpeace is demanding in a campaign from Bitcoin developers. One should say goodbye to the power guzzler mining: Bitcoin should make its code climate-friendly.

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