From startup to unicorn: How young companies can benefit from business support from Great Britain

More and more startups want to break the magic barrier of one billion US dollars. It takes a lot of work, financial support and international orientation to be able to call up this rating and position yourself as a unicorn – a competition can now help with this.
Perhaps the most ambitious business goal in the startup scene is the dream of unicorn status. A startup that can call itself a unicorn is usually characterized by trusting relationships with its investors and an international orientation – but building this is hard work. A British start-up competition wants to support founders with advice and action, so that even more unicorns can be found in Europe in the future.
At the Tech Rocketship Awards 2022, a jury of venture capitalists, industry leaders and technology specialists is looking for the best startups across Europe. Winners will receive a bespoke and internationally oriented program with direct access to financiers, incubators and new clients in the UK. With this know-how and the necessary financial thrust, the chances of turning your own business into a unicorn are excellent.
Do you want to take part in the competition with your startup? Apply here by April 17, 2022 with a short application!

How to apply?

A requirement for an application is, among other things, at least three employees. In addition, the startup should fit into one of the following categories:
Artificial Intelligence5GAgrarian techDigital HealthCybersecurityClimate Tech
In addition to these categories, the 2022 Tech Rocketship Awards will feature an award for diversity in startups. Companies based in Europe, Israel or Turkey can take part. Applications are first evaluated by the Tech & Digital Economy team from the British Embassy and Consulates in Germany. Questions can be directed to Benjamin Wannenwetsch. The winners will then be announced during a live pitching session at European level.

German and British startups leading in Europe

In Germany alone there are now 42 unicorns – 19 of them are women-led startups that made significant exits between 2005 and 2021. The situation is even better in the United Kingdom: There are 100 unicorn startups there, 31 of which are founded by women. Thus, both countries are considered to be the leading startup ecosystems in Europe.1
The UK is therefore also a prime springboard for international growth, as UK Trade Commissioner for Europe Chris Barton points out: “The UK is the main location for unicorns in Europe. UK VC investment volume is the third largest in the world.”
Use synergies and advance technologically together
The start-up scene currently sees particular development potential in artificial intelligence. Over a third of Europe's AI companies are based in the UK. With the KI Strategy published last year, the British government continues to promote the country's own pioneering role in the field of AI. At the same time, there is more and more exchange with countries like Germany. Cooperation with federal states such as Baden-Württemberg and North Rhine-Westphalia promote the exchange on technology topics. Just one example of many: The UK-NRW Tech Cooperation Dialogue supports cooperation in the areas of cyber security, AI and blockchain.
Listening tip: In the podcast "BoG Standard: British-German Tech Talks", topics such as quantum computing, diversity in startups, AI and ethics are discussed with leading experts from the startup ecosystems of both countries.
Listen to the podcast here and learn more about how the UK and Germany share experiences on a technological level!

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