How Does The Best Product Categorization API Work

This API ensures that you will get from beginning to end all of the information you need to create, maintain and advance your online store.
It has a very neat layout and that makes it easier for you to do your shopping.
Its search function makes it easy for you to find products that are related to the ones that you are looking for.

What else does this API offer?

You will be able to find different filters that will enable you to narrow down your results depending on what you are looking for.
In this manner, you can access information about products in categories like beauty, electronics, fashion and home, among others.
The best products API will help you cater to different client sectors so that your store can grow and evolve.

Benefits of this API

Receive Tier 1 and 2 IAB categorizations for the URLs you pass to this API.

You can check IAB Categorization From URL API for free here.

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