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Lucidworks introduces new SaaS platform for AI-powered search

Lucidworks, a US provider of customer experience solutions, has introduced its new SaaS platform Springboard. The multi-tenant capable system will be the heart of new applications for searching, finding and browsing data. For starters, Lucidworks provides a service that is supposed to offer AI-supported search at the level of large web search engines.

Plug and Play: On-site search as a service

Connected Search is the name of the first service on the new cloud platform, with which companies can increase the click-through rate within their web applications, meaning users should receive the desired results more quickly. Special know-how in terms of artificial intelligence, search or software development is not required, these points are covered by the provider. Users only have to enable access to their website, the service collects all relevant data independently. The relevance of search results can be adjusted via a visual interface using drag-and-drop rules.
In addition to the search, Connected Search also offers common functions such as web analytics including the collection of metrics and the provision of reports, machine learning for gradually improving the relevance of search results, autocomplete suggestions for entries and autocorrection against incorrect entries.
Connected Search pricing starts at $600 per million requests and 100,000 documents per month for Early Access customers. Later this year, Lucidworks plans to deliver more services on the Springboard platform: Connected Service for self-service portals and smarter chatbots, and Connected Commerce for dynamic content and AI-powered product suggestions on B2C sites. Other products for workplace offerings are also planned.

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