Monday: Elon Musk wants to turn Twitter inside out, massive botnet attack averted

Cloudflare claims to have detected and repelled a DDoS attack that peaked at 15.3 million HTTPS requests per second. This was the largest application layer DDoS attack ever defeated by Cloudflare using HTTPS requests. The botnet attack lasted less than 15 seconds, according to Cloudflare, and was targeted at a fintech client running a crypto launchpad used to pitch decentralized finance projects to potential investors: 15M+ HTTPS requests/s botnet attack by Cloudflare fended off.
There was no doubt that comments on German tank deliveries to Ukraine would become extremely harsh from Russian politicians. From our own historical experience, German tanks in the enemy camp are a particularly hot topic in Russia. In Russia, in addition to massive criticism of the German arms delivery to Ukraine, the domestic political background is also being evaluated: Russian echo of German tank delivery: Déjà vus from "cheetahs".
Numerous celebrities, including the feminist Alice Schwarzer, the writer Martin Walser and the science journalist Ranga Yogeshwar, have appealed in an open letter to Chancellor Olaf Scholz not to deliver more heavy weapons to Ukraine. In the open letter, 28 intellectuals and artists supported Chancellor Scholz's prudent actions and warned of a third world war. Telepolis documents the appeal: "Risk of war spreading to the whole of Europe".
Cars were built in Berlin more than a hundred years ago – by an electronics company. Are there parallels to Tesla in Grünheide? The current part of Missing Link is about the new industry emerging around Tesla's plant in Grünheide. Parallels to the first electrification at the beginning of the last century come to mind when cars were already being produced in Berlin. At the forefront at the time: The Allgemeine Elektricitäts-Gesellschaft (AEG). Missing Link considers the second electrification – the birth of a new car industry?

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