Online banking: Hello bank! spoil you with this premium XL

Without a doubt, Hello bank! has been one of the best French online banks for many years. With two complementary formulas, the fintech succeeds in attracting the greatest number. Its Hello One formula is certainly more limited than the premium Hello Prime offer, but it is free. Hello Prime, on the other hand, is more complete and practical for comfortable everyday use.
Provided you have a minimum income of 1,000 euros per month, Hello Prime allows you to enjoy all the products and services of a premium bank for only 5 euros per month.
Hello bank! welcomes its new customers in the best possible way: with a 6-month subscription at 1 euro per month and an 80 euro welcome bonus.

Discover Hello Prime

Why choose Hello Prime?

The premium offer from Hello bank! allows you maximum flexibility and flexibility regarding the method of payment. The international Visa card is yours with insurance and guarantees similar to that of a Visa Premier. You even have a virtual card available to pay for your online purchases in complete security.
For greater ease and comfort, Hello bank! is compatible with Apple Pay and Paylib. You can thus pay for your purchases with a simple gesture, avoiding physical contact. Coming out of a health crisis, it's always a good thing. In addition, you have no threshold, you can make a contactless payment above 50 euros.
For globetrotters, it is also a relevant offer. Indeed, Hello Prime allows you to avoid all fees, whether on withdrawals or payments, wherever you are and regardless of the amount. A very practical advantage, especially at the other end of the world. The free Hello One offer will charge withdrawals that are not made at BNP Paribas counters (or subsidiaries).
With Hello Prime, you can choose between immediate debit or deferred debit for even more flexibility. In addition, Hello bank! offers its premium customers a cash facility.
To manage your account and the various products easily from the mobile application or the website. Transactions are displayed in real time, giving you the ability to have an overview of the status of your accounts at a glance at any time. You can even aggregate your external accounts on its interface.
Finally, you have priority access to customer service, which will accompany you even when you travel abroad. Something to reassure more than one…
And if you want to share an account with your partner, you can choose the Hello Prime Duo joint account, accessible for 8 euros per month. This offer combines all the benefits of Hello Prime, in duplicate. You thus have 4 bank cards in total, two physical and two virtual.

A bonus to grab now

To attract new customers, Hello bank! offers one of the most attractive offers on its premium formula Hello Prime. If you are interested, you benefit from six months of subscription at 1 euro (per month) as well as 80 euros in premium when activating your account. A generous offer…
Here are the three conditions to be met to benefit from Hello Prime:

To be of age

Residing in France

Have a minimum monthly income of 1000 euros

To discover Hello Prime, it's here:

Discover Hello Prime

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