Russia restricts access to Facebook

25 Feb. 2022 in FINANCIAL

Russia restricts access to Facebook


MOSCOW (AP/AFP) – The Russian regulator has announced restrictions on access to social media platform Facebook. Russia accuses US parent company Meta of censoring Russian media, allegedly violating human rights.

Russia restricts access to Facebook


Facebook is said to have imposed restrictions on the Zvezda television channel, which is affiliated with the Russian Defense Ministry. The Russian news agency Ria Novosti and some online newspapers are also said to have had to deal with blockades.
Meta says the restrictions are in retaliation for fact-checking on news from Russian state media. Authorities in the country are said to have ordered Facebook to stop independent fact-checking and labeling posts from Russia's state media. “We refused that. They then announced that they would limit the use of our services," the company wrote in a response that Meta vice president Nick Clegg published on Twitter.
Facebook previously came under fire as a platform that quickly spreads fake news, including from Russia. With fake news via Facebook, so-called trolls from Russia tried to influence the American presidential elections in 2016, among other things, the company itself and American intelligence services reported.

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