Sabbatical years add points to find work: more and more recruiters notice them

The recruiters surveyed also point out that, despite the fact that there are still many people who prefer to hide their sabbatical periods, more and more candidates are telling them about them, largely because the psychological consequences of the pandemic, demands for work flexibility and Trends like the Great Renunciation are slowly changing the mindset of professionals.

AI, another reason to do it

But, as we say, this artificial intelligence has biases, and one of the most common is that it automatically discards those CVs that have temporary gaps. Therefore, including a sabbatical period in the resume, with or without information on what was done in it, will help the algorithm take the candidate into consideration based on all that appears in the document, and not rule them out because what you think is missing.
In this new tab, which will be activated from the 'Add sections' menu, the user will be able to choose the general reason that made him stop working for a time, such as full-time childcare, volunteering, retirement, travel or health and well-being , among others, and below write a small text giving more details about it, as can now be done when adding training or work experience. The social network has not specified when this option will be available in Spain.

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