TCG presents plan for a world-scale university specializing in translational basic research

Initiates complex assembly process in Kolkata for India's first private-sector quantum computer dedicated to research
With a focus on global collaborative research, this university will also have its own quantum computer, also the first in the private sector in India. The computer, designed to support cutting-edge research, will be located in Kolkata. The complex installation process has already started. Once fully operational, Kolkata can boast of living up to its reputation of always being one step ahead in academics.

The university has the following goals:

· Creating institutions with the best infrastructure and attracting the best faculty and scientists from around the world to provide quality higher education, research, product development and industrial consulting.
· Development of a network with the world's leading universities, research institutions and companies, which synergistically bundles collective efforts in modern education and research priorities and thus promotes prosperity in the region and worldwide.
· Acting as the anchor university for the world's leading university departments, research laboratories, innovation centers and incubators, which come together and work together for mutually beneficial goals.
· Agility and flexibility in designing programs and operational structures to keep pace with the ever-expanding world of knowledge while maintaining regulatory compliance.
The university has already started work with a research center called TCG CREST, which houses PhD scientists in cutting-edge technologies. It is active in the areas of Quantum Computing, Neuroscience, Cryptology, Data Driven Intelligence and Sustainable Energy. Research activities are led by world-renowned scientists known for their world-leading research, who come from institutions and universities such as UC Berkeley. They all work on ideas that can be transferred to industry.
As an institution, the non-profit TCG CREST is particularly dedicated to the three Ws: knowledge creation, knowledge application and knowledge dissemination. The focus is on creating a strong network of highly respected knowledge hubs around the world – universities, research institutes, technology-driven global companies and academic communities. The aim is to establish a strong culture of continuous knowledge sharing through research, student exchanges, faculty exchanges, joint projects, joint workshops and participatory seminars.
Since translational research will be a focus of TCG CREST University, job opportunities are to be created for more than 200 scientists every year. Eventually, the project is expected to result in a large critical mass for each of the focus areas, involving more than 5000 people in continuous operation. As part of the global innovation ecosystem, these research centers, together with a university, will help create a basis for the development of innovative intellectual property (IP), thereby creating entrepreneurial opportunities and high-quality jobs in the country. They should also give the local agricultural and food sector a technological boost and lead to drastic increases in productivity in the areas of infrastructure, industry and state administration.

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