The best app that you can use to organize saved links and sync them across all your devices


With this useful tool you can save and organize bookmarks, links, texts, files, images and much more.
Most modern web browsers include some kind of bookmark and link management tool, which allows you to save and organize favorite web pages. Unfortunately, most built-in tools aren’t advanced enough or feature rich enough to meet the needs of the –digital– neat freaks.
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For this reason, for years, users have used applications to save and organize links, such as the mythical Pocket or Instapaper. Today we are going to examine a fantastic alternative that combines the best of apps like Pocket, with advanced bookmark organization features.
Raindrop is a cross-platform bookmark manager, which allows you to organize your links, images, texts and more.
Raindrop is the app (free and open source) you need to organize your bookmarks
Its name is Raindrop, and it is not exactly a new application; Its creator has been working on it since 2013 and today it has more than 100,000 downloads on Android alone. It is a free and multiplatform service that allows you to save and organize any bookmark or link you find on the Internet.
However, Raindrop is more than just a bookmark organizer. The application allows you to save text, images, PDF documents or links, as well as add notes or upload photos from your smartphone or PC.
As soon as you open the application for the first time, we are given the option to log in with Apple, Google, username and password or other options. Logging in is necessary to be able to synchronize our saved links in the cloud, and thus be able to access them from any device.
Once in our account, the application allows us to create categories. Within each category, different collections can be created where the links or bookmarks will be saved, being able to add images, files or create labels to be able to find the links more quickly using the integrated search engine.
Thanks to the fact that it is possible to invite other people to the collections to collaborate, it is possible, for example, to co-manage a project or a trip that is going to be carried out with other Raindrop users.
In addition to the mobile app, Raindrop offers apps for most desktop and mobile platforms as well as a web app and browser extensions. The latter are especially useful, as they allow you to save any web page to one of our collections with a single click.
For more advanced users, it’s worth mentioning that Raindrop also allows you to automate tasks thanks to services like Zapier or IFTTT, as well as access saved links through RSS reading services, among many other things.

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