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Trade Republic is growing like crazy in the new tech hub

Trade Republic is looking for 250 software developers for new tech hub in Stockholm and remotely
In addition to its headquarters in Berlin, Trade Republic has opened a tech hub in Stockholm
Europe’s largest savings platform is therefore immediately looking for 250 software developers to build the bank of the future together
All functions can also be performed remotely so that the best people in the industry are able to work wherever they want. The first lines of code were written in 2015, today the platform has over a million users across Europe
New Directors Andreas Torner and Gernot Mittendorfer support the founders on their growth journey
Berlin, February 2, 2022 – For the opening of its new tech hub in Stockholm, Trade Republic has 250 technical positions vacant with immediate effect. This means nearly doubling the technical workforce over the next 12 months. All positions are also available fully remote to enable the best talent to join Trade Republic. Trade Republic is a banking-licensed technology company. Trade Republic is a banking-licensed technology company. With its innovative app, Trade Republic has lowered costs and barriers to entry to enable access to capital markets for everyone. As Europe’s largest savings platform, it is committed to building the bank of the future.
“We started Trade Republic in 2015 with the goal of rebuilding a bank from scratch. We spent over four years building a new banking platform. The platform is unparalleled in efficiency and quality,” said Christian Hecker, co-founder of Trade Republic. “The desire to build the best technology is in our DNA. For Trade Republic, this is the next chapter. Everyone who joins us is helping to change banking for good.”
The 250 technical functions are spread over all departments, such as Frontend, Backend, Core Infrastructure and Data. These roles are open to all levels and backgrounds. In 2021, Trade Republic expanded its leadership team to include senior executives from Klarna, Netflix and Stripe.
Trade Republic is investing heavily in its tech organization by opening a dedicated tech hub in Stockholm. “Stockholm is one of the most important tech hubs in Europe and attracts the best talent. Our VP of Engineering, Jan Plasberg, will lead operations and work with his team to deliver new products and infrastructure. As a European tech pioneer, it only makes sense for us to open an office here,” adds Christian Hecker. Trade Republic currently operates in six countries across Europe. In order to attract the brightest engineers, the Trade Republic company also opens all technological functions completely remotely. Many senior technical positions are already working remotely.
“Trade Republic has always set the bar high. From writing the first lines of code in 2015 to managing hundreds of world-class engineers,” said Thomas Pischke, co-founder and CTO of Trade Republic. “We are proud to have built the entire technical platform in-house with no external suppliers. This is a testament to the quality of our technology and our team. I still regularly program myself and work closely with the engineering team. We now have a talented and highly motivated leadership team, with experience from the world’s top technology companies. At Trade Republic, we will do everything we can to help every engineer do the best work in their career.”
Trade Republic has raised nearly US$1 billion from renowned tech investors such as Sequoia, Founders Fund, Accel of TCV or Stockholm-based Creandum. These investors have backed some of the most iconic technology companies in the world. Their network and expertise will help Trade Republic reinvent banking with industry-leading technology.
In addition to strengthening the team, Trade Republic is pleased to welcome Andreas Torner and Gernot Mittendorfer as new Managing Directors. They will support founders Christian Hecker, Thomas Pischke and Marco Cancellieri in their mission to democratize wealth building. As planned, the two financial experts with many years of industry experience will replace their predecessors in this position, Andreas Willius and Karsten Müller.


Trade Republic’s mission is to help millions of Europeans build wealth with secure access to capital markets. The company has been one of the pioneers of commission-free investing and has struggled to break down barriers to entry for banks and more traditional brokers. With more than a million customers, Trade Republic is the starting point for many Europeans to manage their wealth. It offers stock investing, as well as stock and ETF savings[1] plans. Trade Republic is a technology company under the supervision of the German Bundesbank and BaFin. As Europe’s largest neo-broker, Trade Republic has received investments from Accel, Creandum, Founders Fund, Project A, Sequoia, TCV and Thrive Capital. With a valuation of over $5 billion, Trade Republic is one of the most valuable privately held FinTechs in Europe. The Berlin-based company was founded in 2015 by Christian Hecker, Thomas Pischke and Marco Cancellieri and employs more than 600 people.
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