Twitter is already testing a button to activate subtitles in some videos

— Twitter Support April 22, 2022

Twitter did not detail the actions required to enable closed captions before posting the tweet. In the case of ALT, the task falls on the user, who must write a description of the image of less than 1000 characters.
Twitter has innovated more in two weeks than in ten years. Is it Elon Musk's fault?

Elon Musk reviews Twitter news before launching hostile takeover bid.

The purchase offer for Elon Musk has caused a flurry of Twitter announcements in recent days. Apparently, the company wants to show that it is capable of innovating and for this reason it has already announced a series of new features such as the edit button, unmentioning, the possibility of seeing deleted tweets, or Facebook statuses
At first glance, Twitter has revealed more features in two weeks than in the last decade. For many, the social network moves at a slower pace than other services like Facebook or TikTok, something that Elon Musk plans to solve if his purchase offer is approved.
The tycoon wants to own the social network to unlock its potential. If successful, the first thing it will do is review the content moderation system and then begin to purge the platform of annoying spam bots. Elon Musk also promised authentication for all "real humans" and a simpler verification system.
Although Elon has talked about the benefits of turning Twitter into a private company to power the necessary changes, the fact that he is the one dominating the platform is chilling. The "free speech absolutist" could ruin the social network, just as Mark Zuckerberg has done with Facebook.
For now the board of directors, employees and users will be able to breathe easy. It will be a matter of days before we know if Musk shows his last card and launches a takeover bid.

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