What Are The (open And Commercial) Available API For Mastercard Carbon Calculator

Mastercard Carbon Calculator API is the best technology to calculate your carbon footprint.
The Mastercard Carbon Calculator API is part of the program “Climate Take Off.” This program is a commitment by the Mastercard Foundation and more than 20 corporate partners to put a stop to deforestation by 2030. The company has been working with the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) since May 2018 to develop a service that helps consumers understand their environmental impacts and invites them to reduce them.
What does Mastercard Carbon Calculator API do?
A user enters the amount of products he or she purchased, along with the number of miles traveled, and then the formula calculates the amount of carbon dioxide emitted as a result. The time period for which each “what if” scenario is calculated, as well as its carbon emissions associated with, are also provided.
Mastercard Carbon Calculator API shows how much CO2 it generates based on three variables:
Distance traveled by your car or other vehicleGrams of fuel consumed by your carThe difference in altitude between your starting and ending pointsThe weight of the vehicle is also considered, as well as whether you’re traveling uphill or downhill.
How much does it take to calculate?
The user must provide the amount of money spent on purchases as well as the distance traveled (expressed in kilometers or miles) in order to calculate CO2 emissions.
If you want to calculate your carbon footprint and reduce it at the same time, you should use the Mastercard Carbon Calculator API.
What are the most common uses cases of Mastercard Carbon Calculator API?
By using this application programming interface, people can learn about their carbon footprint and how they may reduce their personal contribution to climate change. The API can also be used for educational purposes, such as providing students with data on their carbon footprints so that they may make more environmentally friendly decisions in the future.
What are the most common API endpoints?
There are three basic types of endpoints used by Mastercard Carbon Calculator API:Get started: The user registers for an account and receives an access key. Use this key at every endpoint to authenticate the userAPI endpoint: The user enters an address and a radius to begin receiving results.API endpoint: The user enters their address and select a radius (kilometers or miles) to begin receiving results.(In kilometers or miles)The user must enter their journey length and fuel
All in one API to calculate your carbon footprint.
You can try Try Carbon API for free.

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