Who views your Instagram profile? Is it possible to know?

Popularity is a very appetizing sweet, but it is short-lived and difficult to obtain. However, many look for that in social networks. Be the most viewed on Facebook, TikTok or Instagram. However, it is not always easy to know the visits you have had to your profile. For example, you are probably curious to know who visits your Instagram profile or who views your profile. The answer, in part, will be found in Instagram statistics.
The only real solution, today, to know more about your followers on Instagram is to take a look at the available metrics and make an approximate calculation. Knowing who visits your Instagram profile is not possible, but you can get closer or find out other metrics and statistics as or more important than that.
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Apps don't do miracles

Surely you have seen mobile applications that promise to give you that information. Apps to see who visits your Instagram profile. You just have to do a search on Google Play or App Store and several of them will appear. Unfortunately, none of them work. You cannot know who sees your Twitter profile, or Facebook, or Instagram. At most, you can know who is looking for you on LinkedIn, and to get that detailed information you must subscribe to LinkedIn Premium.
What do the apps that promise this information do? They give you a number, yes, but that number is basically an average, an approximation that takes into account your followers, your following and, at most, the interactions with your posts. The figure obtained is not exactly who views your Instagram profile. I insist. This data, if it is in the hands of Instagram, is not public.
Mobile applications, websites, browser extensions… None of them will give you that information because it is not directly available. Moreover, in the best of cases, you will have downloaded a useless application. At worst, you've downloaded an app that wants to use your microphone, camera, location, and whatever personal data you give it access to on your phone.

How to view Instagram stats

Once it is clear that Instagram will not tell you who sees your profile and that no app can give you that data, at the risk of obtaining the data from your phone, we can now focus on what Instagram does provide us.
These days, any Instagram account can see who you follow, who follows you, posts, comments, and likes. If you want to get more statistics about your Instagram profile, you will need to activate it as a business profile. This will give you more tools to manage your Instagram. And among these tools, the official statistics. Instagram itself sells its stats this well: “Track your account performance with real-time data and find out what content is resonating with your audience.”
To configure your Instagram business account, you must go to your profile, then to Settings > Account and, finally, click on the link Change to professional account. Now you must follow a few steps to define your Instagram profile. And it is that a brand or company is not the same as an individual.
Be that as it may, once this option is configured, your Instagram profile will add a new option, Statistics. This will make it easier for you to know your audience and if your posts are working as they should. Free statistical information without leaving Instagram.

What data do Instagram statistics give?

When you activate your Instagram profile as a business or creator profile, you'll see several new buttons next to Edit Profile on your profile. The button that interests us at the moment is the Statistics button. It will show you weekly statistical data of your profile.
As I have reiterated several times, you will not know who sees your Instagram profile, but you will get juicy information such as which accounts see your content and/or interact with it. Instagram calls it accounts reached and it will give you a clue as to whether your profile reaches more people. To get that percentage, which can go up or down, mix visits to your profile with interactions with the information on it. You will not know who visits your profile but you will be close.
More interesting facts. How many posts did you make during that week? How many stories did you share, how many followers do you have and if that number has gone up or down compared to the previous week… But the juiciest data, surely, will be that of interactions with the content. Comments, favorites, 'likes' and anything that someone can do with your Instagram content, live or deferred, will appear there in the form of metrics.
This to start. On the other hand, Instagram statistics can be *checked individually+ on each content you post on your Instagram profile. When you enter one of your contents, you will see a Statistics button that will give you clues about how it works: comments, postings of that publication by direct message, 'I like it', times that someone has saved that content and other impressions or interactions.

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