A French fintech is shaking up investment codes for individuals

How to make your savings grow? Is it the right time to invest? Many French people regularly ask themselves the question. The French fintech Mon Petit Placement offers simple investment solutions that are accessible to everyone.

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Today, many start-ups are developing in order to support investment for individuals. Their common point? Wanting to shake up the codes of finance. The objective is to make investing more accessible to the general public, in particular by controlling risk and profitability. An example with the French fintech Mon Petit Placement, an innovative solution to boost your money.
Real professionals will advise you on the best financial investments according to your profile. The start-up offers many other advantages. Take advantage of tailor-made support to invest your savings and access top-of-the-range financial products. Such investments are no longer reserved only for the wealthy.
The platform is easy to use and everything is done online. You will therefore be able to benefit from sound advice to make your money grow from your couch!

Why invest with Mon Petit Placement?

Mon Petit Placement is the French fintech that makes investing simple and accessible to everyone. The solution, innovative and fast, will allow you to benefit from tailor-made support thanks to a secure interface.
A simple, fast, innovative and accessible investment solution
Mon Petit Placement is therefore a simple, fast, innovative and accessible investment solution. With this platform, open an online account entirely dedicated to your financial investments. It will only take you a few minutes to access dynamic investment solutions. Their experts will offer you a relevant financial investment, in total adequacy with your situation.
In addition, with Mon Petit Placement, you can boost your savings from €300. This allows you to invest without necessarily having a certain fortune in your pocket. Monitoring its placement becomes possible from the mobile application or the website. The package offered is a unit-linked life insurance contract, which has the advantage of being very flexible, adaptable and dynamic, allowing you to withdraw your money at any time and invest in a personalized way according to your Goals.
Also take advantage of the advice of real professionals to invest. Thus, you will know what are the best practices to adopt in terms of investment. Mon Petit Placement gives you access to proven investments. Such products have been carefully selected by their experts, such as Lazard, Rothschild or JPMorgan.
There are several portfolios at Mon Petit Placement, allowing you to adapt to everyone's objectives:
Voluntary: minimal risk taking where you bet on stable growth (+3%/year on average); Energetic: moderate risk taking and growth (around +5%/year); Ambitious: substantial share of risk to achieve certain performances (approximately +8%/year); Intrepid: high risk taking for high profitability (approximately +12%/year).
We observe that the yields offered are much more attractive than in a traditional bank. In addition, you have more leeway for your financial investments.
Finally, you can choose to supplement your investment with various options. Thanks to them, invest while remaining in line with your values. Place your savings freely on themes that are important to you (climate, equality, tech, health, etc.). An essential quality to stay close to your savings.

Solutions to control risks and profitability

Your level of risk tolerance and your objectives will dictate your investment strategy: fintech adapts to your needs, whether you are cautious or more reckless!
With Mon Petit Placement, enjoy tailor-made support. Their advisers will be there to offer you an investment strategy fully adapted to your objectives. Available and responsive, they will answer you by phone, email or chat 7 days a week.

Invest without obligation on a secure interface

Mon Petit Placement has all the approvals necessary for the exercise of its activity:
CIF certification (Financial Investment Advisor): this certification certifies that Mon Petit Placement is legitimate to issue investment recommendations; COBSP (broker in banking operations and payment services); MIA (insurance intermediary agent); insurance broker.
Recognized expertise and solid partners like Generali or Apicil, where the money of fintech customers is housed. The interface is completely secure, so your personal and bank details remain protected.
The platform offers performance-based pay. Mon Petit Placement is remunerated only if your investment performs, via commission fees. This is the opportunity to invest freely and without commitment. Indeed, you remain at any time free to withdraw your money if you wish. And that, at no cost. A real win-win relationship!
Article produced in partnership with Mon Petit Placement

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