Volvo makes Stockholm a new tech capital

In the Swedish capital, 700 engineers from all over the world are invited to apply for Volvo's future "tech hub". At the end of last week, the Swedish car manufacturer said that it needed to recruit to accelerate the development of its technologies while reiterating your attachment to its territory. Rather than Silicon Valley, you will have to come to Stockholm.
The city, which already has the offices of the fintech Klarna (45 billion dollars on the stock market), Spotify and Voi (electric scooters), is a cradle of tech companies. In a statement, Volvo's corporate director, Hanna Fager, was quick to say that "people with the right skills and the right values make the difference to our ambitions and that's why we're establishing our new technology hub. in Stockholm”.

Engineers “from all over the world”

For Volvo, the goal will not be to seek to recruit locally. Rather, it will be to attract engineers from around the world to the Swedish city. “Stockholm is a hotspot for tech talent, and we want to create an innovative, creative and collaborative workplace to attract people from all over the world. The process has already started and we are currently looking for new team members who can help drive our business forward,” added Hanna Fager.
In the story, Volvo was born in Gothenburg, on the west coast of the country, where the manufacturer still has its headquarters there. Research and development offices are also present in Shanghai, China and in Lund, Sweden. For Europe, part of the production is located in Gothenburg and the other in Ghent in Belgium. But the engines all come from its Swedish site in Skövde. For America, a production site opened in 2018 in South Carolina.
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In the new “tech hub”, which still needs to be fitted out, the engineers will work on two sites. The first concerns the software engineering part, in other words the design of the software and all the electronic part to optimize consumption and autonomous driving. The other project will be customer experience, where Volvo says it wants to “fundamentally change car ownership to make it more personal through a top-notch customer experience”.
The brand will seek to tackle Tesla, which has from the start turned its brand towards the strategy of a tech brand, oriented online rather than in dealerships like a traditional manufacturer. “The focus on online sales and direct-to-consumer relationships includes creating a streamlined process for ordering a Volvo, with transparent pricing, clear product information and delivery times,” Volvo added. .

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