Chromebook: what is it and why is it not the same as a laptop?

Currently, the use of a PC has become very useful and comfortable when carrying out work, study and entertainment activities. Because many users need to move from one place to another, the use of laptops is very important when choosing which machine to buy.
Laptops have always been a widely used option, due to their options and power, but chromebooks have also been monopolizing the market due to their versatility. That is why, in this note, we will show you what the differences are between the two and, according to their characteristics, which one is best for you to acquire.
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What are chromebooks and what are their features?

Chromebooks are a type of technological equipment designed to allow you to perform simple tasks that you need to do more quickly. When they were first released in 2011, one of their main features was their price, since they turned out to be very cheap computers.
In the beginning, they only incorporated cloud-based apps and not native applications of the operating system, but over time, the new versions have been improving this aspect.
YOU CAN SEE: These are the best laptops for students in 2022.Unlike an Android-based tablet or a Windows laptop, chromebooks have their own operating system, called Chrome OS. Created by Google, this system focuses on the public that primarily requires a good, functional and low-cost internet browsing experience.
Its design is very similar to that of Chrome, with a file browser, taskbar and other elements common to all operating systems.

What can be done with it and what not?

Recently, it already has Google Play to be able to get some apps that are compatible with Chromebook and Android, but it is important to point out that the user will not be able to find apps that are not compatible with the operating system. However, they will be able to run web versions of the programs from the browser, avoiding having to download the software.

Do chromebooks work without an internet connection?

Despite the fact that its main function is precisely Internet browsing, in the event that the connection is lost, you can still write and save emails and files, and then send them when the Internet returns.

What is the performance of a chromebook?

Due to its main purpose of navigation and simple apps, it does not require large components, so its cost is much lower than a laptop. This point is key, since the user must consider that a chromebook is not power, it is easy navigation, a long-lasting battery and a cheap price.

Differences between a chromebook and a laptop

We will summarize it as follows:

Price: Definitely something that sets them apart is this section. A Windows or Mac laptop usually costs a lot of money, depending on its component parts and brands. For their part, chromebooks are much cheaper than even the most basic versions of a laptop. Here it depends a lot on the use of the person, since being a cheaper equipment and only for answering emails, browsing and writing simple things, a user could opt for this option. Operating system: Laptops can be Windows, macOS, Linux or even without any so you can use the one you want. Chromebooks only come with Chrome OS. Security: For a laptop to be secure, the antivirus must be updated on the system, while chromebooks, due to their limitations, do not usually need antivirus. Consumption and battery: Chromebooks are computers of low consumption that have a good battery autonomy, lasting approximately 10 or 12 hours, having quite an advantage over a laptop with its 5 or 6 hours of autonomy. It should be clarified that everything depends on the brand as well.

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