'Halo', 'The Fairly OddParents' and 'The Patrick Show' arrive at Paramount Plus: these are all the premieres of March

Paramount + has already revealed all the premieres it has planned for the coming weeks and without a doubt March is one of the best months in the history of the platform since they will have three exclusive renowned series.

The Patrick Show S1

The Patrick Star Show will follow the starfish like never seen before. Patricio will have a new role that will entertain everyone he knows: he will be the host of his own late-night program at home with his family for his entire neighborhood.



The Oscar®-nominated documentary is an impressionistic journey without interviews or narration. Ascension takes viewers on a visual journey through Chinese social classes. Structured in three parts around the themes of work, consumption and wealth, the film juxtaposes the lives of its protagonists.


The Game S1

Moving from San Diego to Sin City, The Game returns with a mix of new players and an original cast to offer a modern examination of Black culture through the lens of professional football. The team will confront racism, sexism, classism, and other issues as they fight for fame, fortune, respect, and love by playing The Game.

Premiere: March 3

The Followers

A digital influencer takes her obsession with her own image to its ultimate consequences, becoming a serial killer beyond suspicion. The saga of a digital influencer to become a serial killer without affecting her public image is the axis of the series Las Seguidoras, which combines the genres of thriller and comedy.

Premiere: March 6

Hands Up Chef S2

Renowned Chefs return for a second season and will face each other to find out who is the best cook among them, teaming up with other contestants to prepare distinctive dishes in a timed competition where they cannot use their bare hands to cook.
Each of the 10 episodes will feature the participation of two guests who will face each other in the kitchen. A very difficult "dish of the day" will be presented that will correspond to the specialty of the host that is presenting at that time.

Premiere: March 17

American siege

A former NYPD officer turned sheriff of a small rural Georgia town has to contend with a gang of thieves who have taken a wealthy doctor hostage.

Premiere: March 17

The first of us

The premiere of this Argentine series is coming, starring Benjamín Vicuña, Paola Krum, Luciano Castro, Jorgelina Abruzzi, Damián de Santo and Mercedes Funes. The First of Us follows a group of friends whose lives are forever changed by unexpected news that ends up generating a deep desire to rediscover their feelings and find the true purpose of being alive.

Premiere: March 21

I will resist T2

16 participants cross Colombian jungles and hills to a paradisiacal refuge where they will live together for three weeks while competing for USD 500,000. The objective of the game is for the participants to survive extreme situations such as cold and hunger, so that the finalist can win the millionaire prize. The participants will be divided into two teams and will compete each week so as not to be eliminated.

Premiere: March 21


Premiere: March 24

Star Trek Enterprise S1-S4

Set in the mid-22nd century, more than 100 years before James T. Kirk commanded the famous ship, this installment of the Star Trek franchise is set on the Enterprise NX-01, the first warp 5 spacecraft from Earth, which explores the story of interplanetary movement that eventually leads to the formation of the Federation.

Premiere: March 24

Military Wives

With their partners away serving in Afghanistan, a group of women on the home front form a chorus and quickly find themselves at the center of a media sensation and global movement.

Premiere: March 30

The Fairly OddParents S1

In The Fairly OddParents, Ty Turner uproots his life to reunite with his high school sweetheart, Rachel Ragland, in the town of Dimmsdale, thrusting his wary 13-year-old daughter, Viv, into a new world in which she doesn't fit. Once there, her cousin, Timmy, asks the fairy godparents, Wanda and Cosmo, to help her adjust. Witnessing the passing of the godparents, Viv's new stepbrother, Roy, also inherits them and the two brothers must team up to overcome the obstacles in their path, all with the help of their new fairy godparents who with just a flick of the finger. their wands grant wishes.

Premiere: March 31

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