How to download tiktok videos without watermark on computer and mobile

Of course, since it cannot be done natively from the application itself, you will have to resort to third-party tools. Discover what they are and how you can do it both from your computer and from a mobile device.

Download from your computer


This is one of the best known and most used services to perform these functions, so we will tell you how you can do it easily. The first thing you have to do is enter their website, whose link we have previously commented on.

Q load

The first thing you have to do is enter their website. Once you are in Qload, you will have to copy the link and hit download. Do not press the option to download with a watermark unless that is what you want. It will tell you that the download has started and will later be downloaded.


This service is not one of the best known, but it does what it promises. In Tiktokfull, once you access its website from the link that we indicate, you will see the option to enter several download links and only the music. You must accept the captcha and choose what interests you. It will download from that link.
It has up to 200 downloads with the free version, if you are interested in more it has several payment options. However, with more services that fulfill the functions we do not see the need for you to opt for a paid option unless you are interested in it for some reason.


Once you enter the Tikmate website you will have to copy the link, hit Download and wait for the download. It may bypass your antivirus and block the page, in which case it will not be the best option for you unless you remove the antivirus or allow access to the service by relying on it. It also has a Chrome extension and an Android app called Snaptik, so it has complete solutions.
In addition to proceeding to the download easily, entering the link with a copy and paste or from the Paste option, you will have interesting information to carry out the process and even support in case you have any problem.



Information on how to use the service and solve the most frequent problems or questions you may have, as well as reviews, will appear on the website itself. You can change the language further down the page.

Do it from your mobile

The options that you find now are the websites mentioned above, if you use them from the browser you have in it or through applications, so we will tell you about some apps that perform these functions. Of course, you will have to deal with advertising and they are also only available for Android devices.
It is one of the simplest tools to perform these functions, so you can have it on your mobile to use when you need it. It is available for Android 4.4 and later devices. Includes in-app purchases and ads.
Just hit share on Tiktok and click on the Qload app in the share menu and it will open and download automatically. It's free with unlimited downloads and no login required. Even if you exit the app, the download will not be interrupted. Contains ads.

SnapTik – Tiktok Downloader

This application that contains ads and purchases in the application is perhaps the most complete because it goes beyond being a simple service to download files. In addition, it will be useful for other social networks such as Instagram, Twitter or Facebook. It is the web service with the same name, which you can also access from your browser from wherever you want.
To be able to do it from Telegram, you will have to enter the web version in your browser or start a new chat from your mobile to open the @ttsavebot bot. If you want, from any of the two options you can access directly from here. When you open the web, it will ask you if you want to open it and will take you to the chat.
You will have to activate it and configure its language. To do this, type /start or press start and it will be activated. To select your language, look in the list for Spanish (or the one you want). You must go to TikTok and copy the link from your browser or from the mobile sharing option and with this link you will send the address to the bot as if you were creating a conversation, only with this link.

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