More than 200 euros cheaper: This Garmin smartwatch is dirt cheap right now (offer extended)

MediaMarkt's 24-hour offer on Thursday included the Garmin Venu, a smartwatch, on sale. But even well after the deadline, the offer is still available. However, it can be over at any moment – more on this below in the update part of the article. The model of desire may not be the US manufacturer's freshest with a release date of 2020. However, the clocks in the smartwatch sector – in the truest sense of the word – tick differently than with other technology. Venu is far from old.
56 percent discount: This smartwatch is now dirt cheap (update)
Instead of the introductory price of a whopping 380 euros, the Garmin Venu is now available for 166 euros. MediaMarkt reduced the price as part of the daily offer on Thursday. The end of the discount is therefore on Friday morning at 9 a.m. again. Update: MediaMarkt apparently liked the offer so much – it's still available online at a great price even on Friday evening!
A look at the price history tells us two things: The 214 euros or 56 percent discount refers to the manufacturer's price, the watch was recently occasionally available on the market for 200 euros (also at MediaMarkt or Saturn). So the discount is actually a bit smaller if you take a closer look. But: nevertheless, now is a good time to strike, because: the Garmin watch has never been so cheap. The called 166 euros are a clear and historical best price.
By the way: MediaMarkt has also reduced the price of the Garmin Venu in its own eBay shops. So if you still have a voucher or discount coupon here, you can save a few more euros. As in the regular shops, the watch is available here in black/slate gray as well as in beige/rose gold.

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The offer at MediaMarkt ends on Friday, according to reports. In its place in the 24-hour deal, there is a fan for the hot days – which costs only 30 euros even before the offer starts.
There's already a successor: Garmin Venu 2s in review
Garmin Venu: Smartwatch with AMOLED display and many functions
The Garmin Venu impresses with its round AMOLED display, which can display the rudimentary content sharply, colorfully and even in backlight. Thanks to fine sensors, the display only comes on when you turn your hand so that you look at it. With a diameter of 3.04 centimeters plus a robust but not bulky housing, the screen is also quite large. In short: The Garmin Venu is suitable both as a digital sports buddy in every situation, but can also be worn as an elegant wristwatch without business shirts causing bulges on the arm.
It is controlled by touch gestures on the display and two buttons on the right side of the case. A rubber strap is included. This can be changed quickly if necessary using a simple locking system. On the underside are the sensors that record all sorts of data – more on that below. However, the Garmin Venu is one of the few smartwatches in its (current) price range that reads extensive health data, including blood oxygen levels.
The bottom of the Garmin Venu with sensors and charging socket.
Also located below: the charging plug for charging. A shortcoming in terms of convenience: Garmin relies on its own proprietary connector model. So you can't charge them with USB-C, you have to use the Garmin connector. It has advantages in terms of feel and technology – but you always have to have it with you. The Venu cannot be charged wirelessly. However, the watch can manage for a few days without charging – depending on how consistently you use it, Garmin promises a runtime of up to five days.

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Lots of standalone features but no eSIM

If your smartphone is within Bluetooth range, the watch synchronizes continuously and shows the push notifications on the small AMOLED display as desired. As a result, you take out your smartphone less often to check unimportant messages. With less display time, this saves more cell phone battery than is consumed by the ongoing Bluetooth connection.
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Garmin Venu health and fitness data

The clock measures steps, lengths in the swimming pool, bicycle kilometers and much more. It is made for fitness and sports activities of all kinds. It is also waterproof for swimming and dustproof, which makes it a real all-rounder. The integrated GPS module records your routes, even if you don't have your smartphone with you.

This data is collected and interpreted via the sensors:

DistanceHeart Rate ZonesCalorie BurningHeart RateSleep DurationSleep Stages/QualityStepsStress Level
If you go into more detail and use the functions of the Garmin Connect app, the watch even becomes a personal trainer on the way to your next half marathon or other goals. A dedicated Garmin app store is also integrated into the app and watch operating system. It includes many outdoor and hobby apps as well as new clock widgets and designs.

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