Old equipment is suddenly booming: how you can massively reduce fuel costs when driving

The current massively skyrocketing energy and fuel prices ensure that an ancient device is suddenly back on everyone's lips, with which a lot of money can be saved when driving. Modern apps ensure that everything runs smoothly.
Do you also think that the streets are often too crowded? Does the cost of fuel eat your hair out? Maybe the right solution for you is: ride sharing. This tried and tested method is currently experiencing a lot of popularity again due to rising petrol prices.
If you have an image in your mind of a backpacker without a shower sticking his thumb out at the side of the road, you're wrong. Thanks to the right apps and websites, you can now find nice and reliable passengers – and you can easily save half or more of your fuel costs.
We will show you which platforms give you the best chances.

BlaBlaCar: The top dog from France

BlaBlaCar's app is easy to use and gets you where you want to go quickly.

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BlaBlaCar, which is available in 22 countries, is currently the most used platform for carpooling in Germany. In total, over 100 million people use the service provider.
As a driver, you can advertise your planned trips including the return trip and determine the route including stops. Passengers can then book with you automatically if you wish and pay online in advance – this also gives you a guarantee that the people will appear at the meeting point.
The mutual reviews give you a quick feel for whether the drivers and passengers are reliable and friendly – the same applies vice versa for the driver and his driving style.
Special feature: With the booster technology, BlaBlaCar also finds passengers for partial routes, which can be worthwhile, especially on long journeys. This also works if you have not specified certain intermediate stops.
On routes with several routes, however, the technology sometimes gets confused and, for example, suggests passengers for Nuremberg on the A9, although the route given was the A93 via Regensburg.

The best tips to save fuel

Alternative: car pool app from ADAC

Carpool is significantly smaller than BlaBlaCar, but can be helpful as an alternative.

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In cooperation with the ADAC, ride2go GmbH operates several ride sharing portals under different names. The best-known of these is fahrgemeinschaft.de, which also offers an app for Android and iOS. Around 1.5 million people use the platform every year.
If you want to book or advertise a ride, you need to register free of charge. You can then simply contact other users via e-mail and agree on further details such as the exact meeting point.
With the rising fuel prices, the number of daily searches has roughly tripled to over 50,000, says Sven Domroes from ride2go.
Special feature: The platform is completely free of charge, so there are no fees when booking shared trips. However, this also means that payment takes place in cash on site and there is a greater risk that passengers will not show up without cancellation.
In some cases, there are also trips that are offered for zero euros – this often means carpooling, where you can take turns on daily or weekly trips. This also saves 50 percent of fuel costs.

Basic rules for carpooling

When it comes to carpooling, there is a certain netiquette to be observed.

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Carpooling brings a wide variety of people together. In order for such a journey to be pleasant for everyone, there are a few things to consider. Here are some tips for that:
Luggage: Be sure to talk in advance about the size of the backpacks or suitcases you are taking with you, so that everything will fit in the car later Drinking: If you don't want to be drunk or eaten while driving, you have a right to do so – communicate this accordingly, but also allow a short stopover on longer journeys. Breaks: As a driver, you should communicate clearly at the beginning whether you schedule a fixed break or stop whenever you need to to go to the toilet or smoke. Cleanliness: The interior of the car should be tidy so that passengers feel comfortable. A tidy trunk and clean upholstery are also part of this. Willingness to talk: Some people want to chat a lot, others prefer to listen to music or sleep – this usually comes naturally, but if your concentration is disturbed while driving, you will definitely notice it. Cruising speed: If you like to drive quickly – i.e. faster than the recommended speed of 130 km/h on the motorway – arrange this beforehand, because otherwise some passengers may feel unsafe. That always depends on the vehicle. Seats: Passengers come in all sizes and in most cases they agree among themselves who wants to sit where. However, you can also point out here that taller people sit better in the front.Back seat: Most passengers find it uncomfortable to sit with three people in the back seat. This is especially true for longer journeys. So keep that in mind when placing your ad.
As a driver, you should of course be sure to drive safely without jostling, risky overtaking maneuvers or excessive speed. After all, you are not only responsible for your own well-being.

Rides for women only

If necessary, trips can only be advertised by women for women.

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If you are a woman and want to offer or use a ride but feel unsafe with strangers in the car, BlaBlaCar has a special Ladies Only option. These journeys are not visible to male users who are not logged in.
But you can also include a corresponding note in the description of your ad on Fahrgemeinschaft.de and only answer inquiries from women.
As a general rule, try to get to know the person a little bit when communicating before the trip. A short phone call to make arrangements can also help to get a feel for the person you are talking to. You can also inform a person you trust about this before you travel together.

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