Prime Day: Amazon ignites countdown hits – these deals are already worthwhile

The countdown offers for Prime Day consist of Amazon's lightning offers that change daily and some service deals that are designed in such a way that there can't be any better offers on Prime Day itself. Because these are not normal price discounts, but service deals.
Amazon is currently giving away over 30 games to its regular customers via Prime Gaming. There are some classics and real blockbusters, such as "Need for Speed Heat". The Star Wars games "Star Wars Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast" and "Star Wars Jedi Knight – Jedi Academy" are currently free for Prime customers.
Speaking of free: Some Amazon services should now lure new customers into the Prime subscription with generous free periods.
Prime Music, Kindle, Audible: These services are now free or significantly cheaper
Amazon is offering what it says is the “best offer of the year” for new customers of its music streaming service. Amazon Prime Music Unlimited is currently available for Prime customers for 4 months free of charge, non-Prime customers still get 3 free months. The Unlimited package supports lossless streaming (HD Music) as well as 3D audio and offers a library with more than 90 million music tracks. After the free period has expired, Music Unlimited costs EUR 8.99 for Prime customers and EUR 9.99 for non-Prime customers. However, you can also cancel directly and then not pay a cent – Prime Music Unlimited is not a subscription model with a minimum term.
In the small print of the offer for Prime customers it says: "Then 8.99 EUR/month. Only for new customers. Conditions apply.”
There is also a Prime Day offer for bookworms in the Countdown Deals: Prime customers can enjoy 3 months of Kindle Unlimited at no cost. After that, the subscription, which can be canceled at any time, would cost 9.99 euros per month. A great deal especially for the holiday season, when many workaholics on the beach or pool find themselves reading again on holiday. Kindle Unlimited includes millions of book titles that you can simply drag onto your eBook reader and read on demand. What you still need separately is the right e-book reader itself. The Kindle devices cost between 80 and 190 euros – but should be cheaper on Prime Day itself.
The third service that's now available at a discount is Audible. Amazon's audio book and podcast platform is not free, but significantly reduced for half a year. If you want to try out Audible as a Prime customer, you only pay 2.95 euros instead of the usual for 6 months and then 9.95 euros if you don't cancel.
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Become a Prime customer: This is how you get a discount on Prime Day

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