So you can watch free DTT channels on Chromecast

An easy and fast connection

At this point it is already understood that Chromecast is one of the best accessories to turn your TV into a Smart TV. This device has been a resounding success, although you can still get much more out of it than we could imagine. For example, to watch conventional TV, DTT channels, totally free.
The options are very varied. Although if you want to watch Spanish DTT channels on your television, Google's Chromecast is a solution. You will no longer need any antenna to watch DTT, just the WiFi signal and a Chromecast.
Although you could search for the official signal of each channel such as RTVE Play, it would be a complicated process to do. For this reason, and in a much simpler way, we have a 'trick' that will allow us to have all the free DTT channels at hand. This is the TDTChannels app.

What is it about

Watching TV on the Chromecast must be connected to the TV, but an antenna is not always available to access DTT channels. You may even not receive them correctly; hence, casting broadcasts from the smartphone is a fast, simple and universal way to access all channels.
We will do it all from TDTChannels, an app developed that offers the vast majority of DTT channels free and open at the click of a button. The Android app, as well as the web version, centralizes all updated public links so you don't need multiple apps to play the content.
Best of all, and to be much more accessible and easy to use, is that it has a very extensive list of channels, as well as that it does not include advertising added to that of the television itself. In addition, and as another very positive point, this app offers options as attractive as sending the playback to Google Chromecast.

How can we do it

In its version 2.3.0, it adds, in addition to compatibility with Chromecast, some new features such as improvements in the playback engine or improvements in compatibility with TV and Radio channels, as well as adding Galician as a language.
To see these pleasant DTT channels, we will only need the Google Chromecast player itself and have an iOS or Android mobile. Yes indeed; As we will mention below, the TDTChannels channel is not available on iTunes or Google Play, so you will have to follow the steps manually.
The first thing we have to do is download the app, which is available through its official website by clicking on this link. The application is available for both Android and iPhone devices and even has a web version to watch TV from the browser without having to install anything.
Once it has been installed, we can access it through the main menu icon to see the list of available channels. Simply press the channel from Chromecast by clicking on the icon of the channel itself. Given this, and finally, the channel profile will be accessed. The programming and two broadcasts will be shown there: Broadcast 1 (natively in the app itself) or Web broadcast. We can also use the Send to button to send the signal to the Chromecast already connected to your TV.

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