Sporty sedan chair: This Canyon e-bike is out of the ordinary

Canyon's Precede:ON was only released in its new form this year. There are ten model variants for the city racer. Among them are the new Canyon Precede:ON 5, Precede:ON 6 and Precede:On7, each in a "normal" and a low entry version. The four models in the CF line, on the other hand, are a bit older. We rode the Canyon Precede:ON 7 in the test and are amazed and excited at the same time.

Step-through variant in the test

As soon as the Canyon Precede:ON 7 is delivered, it becomes clear that you are not expecting a graceful lightweight. The box in which the e-bike comes to you is even larger than the standard packaging for bicycles. However, this also requires that the bike arrives with you in top protection. And since it comes to you almost completely pre-assembled, even beginners are ready to ride. And with the Precede:ON 7, ready to drive really means ready to drive. Light, bell and mudguards are already mounted. So check the tire pressure, screw on the pedals and charge the battery to 100 percent and you're ready to go. You can do the latter directly on the bike or with the removed battery.
But let's first take a look at the design and workmanship. Because the exterior of the urban racer is extraordinary. Due to the missing top tube, the rest of the V-shaped frame has to be massive. And that leads to a violent look between brutal tube thicknesses and airy attachments. Everything about the Canyon city racer is solid and feels high quality. The weld seams could be better hidden, but here you are already complaining at a very high level. So if you want to break with traditional frame designs, here's an e-bike that's guaranteed to stand out.

Front 2 of the Canyon Precede On 7

This is how the Canyon Precede:ON 7 rides

Once you have digested the look or become friends with it, you can head into the urban jungle on very wide tires. The Schwalbe G-One Allround offers endless comfort at a width of 57 mm. Even if they are driven at the upper end of the permitted pressures, they still offer enormous suspension comfort. And so you cruise through your neighborhood like a sedan chair. But what if you activate the pedal assistance?
With a push of a button next to the small Bosch display on the handlebars, the drive train really wakes up. If you start in Eco mode, you will still be supported gently and in a controlled manner. This changes with each support level up to turbo mode, where you can keep up to 25 km/h for hours without really breaking a sweat. Then the maximum torque of 65 Nm takes effect and you no longer have to worry about inclines or starts at traffic lights.

Canyon Precede On 7 drive train

You can control how much you contribute to the sporty start with the stepless hub gears from Enviolo. Via the belt drive you balance the power on the rear axle oil-free and together with the middle motor. With the Canyon Precede:ON 7 you can also let it bang hard and be sporty and fast on the go. In doing so, one catches oneself one or the other time that these properties do not match the optics at all. The Canyon e-bike could be made even sportier or more comfortable with a longer or shorter stem, but Canyon has opted for a non-adjustable version here. The advantage: Cables, hoses and cables disappear directly under the handlebars in the frame.

Pendulum test

The Canyon Precede:ON 7 cuts the best figure on the commute through hip neighborhoods or overland. Because with the very superior motor support and the rather relaxed geometry, you can get to work and back without sweating and also relax over longer distances. On the 20 km long commute in the test, the lighting also showed how to turn night into day. In addition to an already bright cone in normal mode, the Supernova Mini2 lamp offers an extremely bright high beam that leaves nothing to be desired.
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Canyon Precede On 7 handlebars

When choosing a route, the surface can sometimes be rougher than asphalt. Of course, the city runabout isn't exactly an off-road bike, but it can still handle fine gravel or just bad bike paths without any problems. And the Popometer also plays along. The Selle Royal saddle offers some comfort, even if it seems a bit spartan at the start.
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Weight and equipment

As already mentioned at the beginning, the Canyon Precede:ON 7 is filled with extensive features. So there are fenders and a small luggage rack with a wide and strong rubber band already in the delivery condition. A solid side stand allows it to stand securely even on loose ground.
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But it all has its weight. Many add-on parts are no flyweights due to their dimensions alone and so the Precede:ON 7 together with the thick frame weighs a whopping 24.5 kilograms. So if you don't want to leave it on the street, be prepared for some lugging to your city apartment or basement. The weight hardly bothers you while riding, but when maneuvering or carrying it often gets in the way, as with the Mate.Bike.

Conclusion on the Canyon Precede:ON 7

A sedan chair or a sports bike? The Canyon Precede:ON 7 aims to be both, and theoretically can be both. But the best thing is to catapult yourself through the city in a relaxed and stylish way. The whole thing works without sweat and with a lot of comfort. If you can handle the price of 3,500 euros and the extraordinary look, it is a recommendation, especially for city commuters with a need for comfort.

Pros of the Canyon Precede:ON 7

great workmanship, extensive equipment, much more comfortable, powerful engine, special design

Cons of the Canyon Precede:ON 7

Heavy e-bikefew adjustment optionsspecial design

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