E-bike boom with consequences: How to protect your bike

It's getting warmer – and the demand for e-bikes is increasing again. But beware, the e-bike boom has had negative consequences for some time: the average compensation paid by insurers for bicycle theft has almost doubled. A look into the future doesn't bode well either.
According to police statistics, the number of bicycle thefts fell slightly in 2020 to around 260,000 bikes. However, this decrease in the number of stolen bicycles is likely to be due to Corona on the one hand. For example, bicycles were left unattended outside much less frequently – for example because there were fewer "train station parkers" due to home office. In addition, during the various lockdowns and curfews, people were probably out and about less (by bike). And of course bicycle thieves should therefore have gone about their dark day-to-day work less often. In addition, bicycle thefts are often not reported, which is why the number of unreported cases is likely to be much higher.

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Bicycle theft: Claims are increasing due to the e-bike boom
But despite the slight decline, the total loss in 2020 was unchanged at 110 million euros, according to the General Association of the German Insurance Industry (GDV). Conversely, this means that fewer bicycles were stolen, but increasingly expensive ones. According to the association, the average compensation from insurers reached an all-time high of EUR 730. And: "The success of e-bikes is likely to increase the amount of damage in the future," predicts GDV General Manager Jörg Asmussen. For comparison: ten years ago, insurers paid an average of 400 euros for a stolen bike.
Good bike insurance can help in the event of damage. But it is even better to prevent theft. The suppliers and manufacturers of bicycle locks promise effective protection against bicycle theft – and that in all price ranges. Whether cable lock, U-lock, folding lock or chain lock: the range is huge – and only very few models keep what they promise and withstand the brazen bicycle thieves.
In the bicycle lock test, our partner AllesBeste took a close look at 75 models from all categories and a wide range of price ranges and tested them for their practicality. Here you will find the best bike locks from major bike lock tests at a glance:

Tips: This bike lock is what you need

How much does a good bike lock cost? The price of a good bike lock depends a lot on what type of bike you want to secure with it. For children's bikes or bikes that you always keep an eye on (e.g. because you are taking a short break on the bike tour), a simple chain lock for around 10 euros is often sufficient. However, if you are going to leave your bike unattended for a few hours then you should not save at the wrong end. Good locks cost around 50 euros. If you leave your bike outside for a long time, then a stationary lock is recommended, which costs around 90 to over 100 euros.
What do I have to look out for when buying a bicycle lock? The decisive criterion when buying a bicycle lock is not so much the price, but above all the purpose of the lock. A lock that you always want to have with you on your bike in everyday life should be sufficiently burglar-proof, but not too heavy and easy to use. In general, you should do a double-take before you buy a particularly cheap lock. If, on the other hand, the bike is to be secured in a stationary position, mobility does not play a major role, but security against being broken-in is all the more important.
Where should I buy a bike lock? If you are sure which lock you want, then there is nothing wrong with shopping in the online shop. If you have not yet decided whether you would rather use a chain, armored cable or U-gel lock, or whether you would like to try out whether the desired lock fits your bike, we recommend that you consult your specialist retailer. He is also up to date on current developments and innovations.

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Bicycle theft 2021: e-bike boom attracts thieves

Exact figures are not yet available. But for the year 2021 that has just ended, it does not take a prophet to expect a massive increase in the number of thefts. In the course of the far-reaching easing and the bicycle boom triggered by the pandemic – especially for e-bikes, which are naturally rather expensive – the growing supply should also increase "demand".
According to a study by the Zweirad-Industrie-Verband (ZIV), bicycle sales rose by 17 percent in 2020, which is largely due to the 43 percent increase in e-bikes sold (two million in total).
To the CHIP test: The best e-bike 2021 with 32 electric bikes in the test.
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Fischer EM 1726 mountain bike (wheel size: 27.5 inches)
Whether on the road, on cycle paths or off-road: the e-mountain bike from Fischer is a reliable companion. The variety of gears in the derailleur ensures wonderful driving pleasure even on hilly terrain.

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Fischer Viator 5.0I Lady trekking bike (wheel size: 28 inches)
This bike is a real woman's type: Not only can women effortlessly conquer inclines and mountains with it, but thanks to the low center of gravity it is generally particularly safe and comfortable to ride. Handbags and everyday purchases can be stored on the luggage rack.

2,099 euros

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Prophete 52660-0311 URBANICER 20.ETU.10 (wheel size: 20 inches)
One can argue about the design, but the compact version of the Prophete Urbanicer clearly focuses on the small dimensions. The compact pedelec is primarily aimed at camper van and caravan drivers so that they can also be mobile at the holiday resort. It offers two luggage racks at the front and rear.

1,899 euros

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