HP+ and HP Instant Ink: Everything you need to know about printer service

Who doesn't know it: You just want to print something out quickly, but the printer is on strike. The problem – the printer cartridge is empty. With the HP Instant Ink service, the printer manufacturer wants to prevent this in the future. If you buy a new HP+ printer, you can try the service for a few months free of charge.

HP+: What is this?

HP+ is a cloud service that makes printing easier for you. Practical: the respective printer can automatically check the filling levels of the printer cartridges. If the ink level is low, the printer will contact you. So you can take care of supplies early and use your printer without interruption.
The following HP+ function is also useful: You can start print jobs while on the go. So for example on the way to work for professional print jobs or on the way home for private matters. The HP Smart mobile app also helps you with scanning and printing. For example, documents can be scanned directly with the smartphone camera and then printed from the cell phone. The practical cloud service can be used in conjunction with many current HP printers.

What is HP Instant Ink?

Instant Ink is a smart ink cartridge and toner delivery service that you can book if you wish. If you have a printer that supports HP+, you can use the service for up to 6 months on a trial basis. After the test phase, monthly fees apply, which are staggered according to need. But how exactly does the service actually work? If the HP+ printer detects a low ink level, it automatically orders new printer cartridges and delivers them to your home or office. The cartridges of the respective printer are always filled with enough ink and you never get into an emergency.
When your trial months have expired, you pay monthly for the service – if you want to continue using it. The service can be used for both inkjet printers and laser printers. The costs vary depending on the number of pages printed per month. With an inkjet printer, you can print up to 10 pages per month for 0.99 euros per month. 100 pages per month cost 5.99 euros. With a laser printer you pay a little less – here you can print 100 pages for just 3.99 euros a month. According to HP, you save up to 70 percent of your printing costs compared to the regular purchase of ink cartridges or toners. Instant Ink can be canceled at any time and you get the cartridges conveniently delivered.
Thermal printer against paper chaos: Nemonic Sticky Note Printer in the test
With these printers you can try Instant Ink for 6 months
Would you like to use HP+ or Instant Ink and need a new printer? Then it is worth taking a look at the following two printers, for example. Because here you get 6 trial months for the HP Instant Ink service.

HP DeskJet 4120e AIOHP DeskJet 2720e AIO

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